Thinking of modifying the exterior of your home? 
Please view our steps to make it easier and get a faster response. 
The ARC application is reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee which is the Midvale Park Master Review Board.
Step 1 – Apply
  • Submit your application.
  • Attach a current picture(s) of the front of your home.
  • Submit diagrams, blueprints, etc. for proposed modifications.
  • Submit paint samples/color names, and materials if applicable.
Step 2 – Review 
  • The Architectural Review Committee will verify modifications against CC&R, City of Tucson code restrictions, and Architectural guidelines.
  • The Architectural Review Committee has up to 30 days to review the request.
Step 3 – Completion
  • Notification of approval, approval with conditions, or decline will be emailed/or mailed out if no email is available.
  • Homeowner has 45 days from the date of approval to complete the modification.
  • Inspection of the project will happen 45 days after approval, if not completed, or if not completed per approved submittal, the homeowner will be notified via a violation letter, which may result in fines until the modification is corrected or completed. 
Thank you for doing your part in making Midvale Park beautiful by updating your home with pride in ownership!